The HOPE (“Herbs Offering Personal Enrichment”) Project is an outreach program originally developed by our founder, Keith Richards, in partnership with the Shelby County School system in Birmingham, AL.  HOPE is a vocational study partnership that allows special needs students to learn all aspects of the herb business.  The goal is to empower and inspire special needs students by hiring and teaching them to grow, harvest and sell fresh herbs used at many of our locations.

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“Paid employment is one of the number one predicators of successful employment after high school for students with disabilities.” -Dr. Jennifer Moon, Special Education Teacher at VHS


HOPE equips the students with social and concrete life skills, and prepares them for life beyond primary school. Through hands on practices, these students are able to increase comfortablilty in social situations through group work, learn the value of money, develop the foresight and judgment and the ability to set goals, create a plan, and follow through with it.



If you want to learn more or you would like to grow hope in your community please email tazikis@tazikiscafe.com.





We are proud to announce that our Nashville market recently joined forces with special needs students of Fairview High School to bring HOPE to their city.

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